Face-Jack Me

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Ever wondered what it would look like if you mixed your face with your friends, family or any other face?

With Face-Jack Me you can create a fresh face, Everyday!

Face-Jack Me is a new way to improve, edit or simply mess around with a face; It allows you to make fun face combinations using photos of your family or friends face, transforming into a fun face-jacked face.

By piecing together different eyes, nose or mouth like a jigsaw and creating an inevitable face, Face-Jack Me app gives you a unique chance for a complete makeover or a fun and exciting way to create a crazy face!

***Face-Jack Me Features***
•Upload photos straight from your library or taken directly from your camera

•Slide through images with the awesome sound effects

•Share your photos instantly with other FaceJackers and upload them on FaceBook or Twitter.

•FaceJack friends, family, colleagues or even your foes!

Try it now... Become the infamous FaceJacker!!!

Design By: Authentic Style
App Development by: Createful